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From what-should-have-been . . . to what-could-be


Sunday 7 June 2020 should have been the 18th Fort William Downhill World Cup; a one-of-a-kind mountain biking event that attracts thousands of adrenaline junkies from all over the world. Sadly, this was cancelled due to…well, you know what…and it looked like it would be all downhill from there—and not in the exciting, wind-through-your-hair way.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! Thanks to Cameron Live, they didn’t have to hit the brakes.

full speed ahead


The team at Rare Management, the event organiser, didn’t want the big day to pass unnoticed. They thought about hosting a Zoom call with some of the athletes, and then streaming it to Facebook. But, when they got in touch with the Cameron Live crew to see how we could help, we opened their eyes to the possibilities—that this could be so much more than a video call.

Instead of succumbing to the situation, they joined us for an exciting ride into brand new territory. A trail not yet traveled, if you will.

The Fort William World Cup Gathering was born


This live virtual event became a nostalgic 2.5 hour tour of the last 17 years at Fort William, with 2 hosts and 13 remote guest speakers from across Europe exploring what the course means to both the riders and the fans.

With 70 minutes of action-packed video clips, live Q&A on all social platforms, and the ability for the audience to re-watch the stream and experience it all over again—we reckon this’ll keep the bike-oholics going until next year



* No ducks were harmed in the making of this video.

Facebook Live stats


  • Total reach: 225,354
  • Total impressions: 244,791
  • Total engagements: 16,951
  • Average engagement rate: 6.92%

Live broadcast stats


  • Reach: 28,860
  • Reactions, comments & shares: 1,280
  • Peak live viewers: 685
  • Viewers who watched 1 minute or more: 2,711
  • Average view time of page followers: 4:42
  • Viewers who watched from start to finish: 332
  • Total minutes of video viewed: 77,063

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