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Exploring Digitalisation, Disruption and Innovation in the Upstream Industry

The Future Oil & Gas was a 2 day virtual event which took place on the 1st and 2nd of December 2020, with the main focus on how digital technologies are reconfiguring the operating landscape for the oil and gas sector and in turn facilitating increased productivity, cost savings and safer operations.

Keynotes, panels and presentations covered a range of topics, including Data-driven operations, applications & benefits; Business breakthroughs with digital transformation; Energy transition as part of the climate change agenda and solution; Energy transition and digitalisation and much more.

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Cameron Live worked closely with the client team to ensure the virtual event platform mirrored their face-to-face events as closely as possible, with virtual areas configured for reception, Main Stage, Networking and Expo. You could say the event worked like a well oiled machine.

Oils well that ends well....

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