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A global rallying cry to #MoveTheDate

On 22 August 2020, the world marked a grim milestone—one you may never even have heard of. Earth Overshoot Day is when humanity’s demand for ecological resources exceeds what Earth can regenerate in a given year. Basically, it’s when we start taking more than we can give back. This year the date shifted 3 weeks later as a result of worldwide COVID lockdowns. But it’s not permanent, and it’s definitely not enough

That’s why The Herald teamed up with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for their Earth Overshoot Day campaign. Key to their efforts was an educational event—‘Choosing Our Future By Design, Not Disaster’—offering insightful lectures and panel discussions which gave the public the opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and explore real opportunities to #MoveTheDate of the overshoot.

With the help of Cameron Live, this event was one date they didn’t have to move.

Virtual pivots save the planet

Pandemic or no pandemic, virtual was the perfect fit. Hosting this event online meant eliminating travel and cutting carbon emissions, which are changes we all have to make if we want to #MoveTheDate for good. Crucially, going virtual also broadened the reach of their global rallying cry, allowing anyone and everyone to tune in and get involved.

Through our trusty virtual event platform, we hosted the speeches, the keynote, and a lively panel discussion—with interactive polls allowing the audience to join in and have their say throughout. Attendees could also browse the booths in a virtual expo area, then continue the conversation in a virtual networking space.

It was a true meeting of the minds, held entirely online…As it turns out, we don’t have to meet face to face to change the world.

By data, not disaster

One of the many perks of pivoting to virtual? Instant, measurable results…*happy sigh*…


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