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A better understanding

While public health measures, such as lockdown, have been necessary to protect the general population, the effects of COVID-19 on the population’s mental health and wellbeing are likely to be profound and long-lasting. Investigating the trajectory of mental health and wellbeing is crucial to giving us a better understanding of the challenges people face. However mental health and wellbeing challenges are not exclusive to the pandemic.

Working Together

In the latest in the series of World Changing Glasgow: Conversations, an expert panel was brought together to share how mental health and wellbeing and in particular suicide prevention is everyone’s business and how we can all work together to ensure that no one has to face these things alone.

The expert panel was led by Professor Rory O’Connor, Professor of Health Psychology from the University’s Institute of Health & Wellbeing and President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). Rory was also joined by Billy Watson, CEO, Scottish Association for Mental Health and Dr Elizabeth Scowcroft, Head of Research from the Samaritans.

Through our bespoke Virtual Event platform, Cameron were delighted to be a part of this essential event. We streamed to an international audience of just under 1000 delegates from over 53 countries, ensuring the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention continues to be a global one.

An essential conversation

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