Insight: Issue 106 | 05 October | Cameron | Event Management, Production & Design

Insight: Issue 106 | 05 October


Can we start with a shout out to Dunfermline – New City Status!


Move over Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen, there’s a new kid on the block- and we’re absolutely buzzing for them. Now… if we can just get this blasted pen to work we’ll set about drawing up some new events news for all y’all.



In the week where the nations been up to our eyeballs in budget u-turns we’ve got: Live, Virtual, Hybrid? Maybe blended solutions are better for everyone’s health!; Karren Brady’s Women in Business & Tech Expo set for ExCeL London debut; NEC Group introduces carbon labelling trial at NEC and ICC venues; Fresh festive photo ideas to spice up your 2022 party season; and AR gigantosaurus roams Trafalgar Square in LED illusion.


Live, Virtual, Hybrid? Maybe blended solutions are better for everyone’s health!


In an article by Conference News, CEO and founder of Open Audience Leslie Robertson details why the recipe for a successful event is now three-fold – namely live, virtual and hybrid.

Over the past few years the way organisers approach the event delivery has evolved, with times of stand-stills and uncertainty bringing on new challenges and steep learning curves that have ultimately changed the events landscape for good. 



However, Robertson now feels that we are now entering an ‘either/or’ scenario, which she believes is causing more pressure on the industry than needed, and a direction towards a combo of live, virtual and digital comms will prove to be the most effective formula. Robertson argues the answer to this is to tackle every event differently rather than forcing one particular solution, by continuing to be client focused and approaching it based one these key objectives: purpose, content, audience type, geography, sustainability, access, engagement, inclusion, and budget manageability. Only then will we see the true fruits of our organisational labour.


Karren Brady’s Women in Business & Tech Expo set for ExCeL London debut


The Baroness is in the building. The Apprentice’s own Karren Brady is hosting her annual Women in Business & Tech Expo at London’s ExCel centre between the 12-13 October. An event launched in 2019, the objective of it’s fourth instalment is to provide inspiration, guidance, recruitment opportunities, and professional services.



Corporate giants Amazon, Dell, Adobe, Cisco, CGI, Accenture, McDonalds, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Experian and Morgan Stanley are expected to exhibit, with opportunities of 1-2-1 meetings to discuss career progression, business growth and recruitment on the agenda.

Speaking on the event, Caroline Gourlay, senior account manager at ExCeL says: “Diversity and inclusion is something we pride ourselves on here at ExCeL, in fact we were the first UK venue to sign up to the Women in Exhibitions network. As such, we’re delighted to be hosting such an event and know the whole team are working hard to make this an unforgettable debut.”


NEC Group introduces carbon labelling trial at NEC and ICC venues


Through a trial spearheaded by in-house caterer Amadeus, the NEC group has begun implementing carbon labelling – a system similar to nutrition labelling that informs the consumer as to the food product’s carbon footprint.



The purpose of the trial is to assess the carbon impact of 1,800 recipes at the two major events venues through means of labelling and a cloud-based app, and in collaboration with food technology experts Foodsteps, the West Midlands Combined Authority, the University of Birmingham as well as the University of Cambridge. NEC hope to insight behavioural change, with customers considering low carbon choices and thinking seriously about sustainability when it comes to product consumption.

Marc Frankl, food and beverage director for NEC Group caterer Amadeus,says,“We’re thrilled to be able to introduce this with the help of Foodsteps’ technology and we’re really interested to see how this labelling will affect customer’s behaviours. We’re constantly looking at ways to review and improve our sustainability methods and it’s something we’d love to roll out across our wider venue portfolio.”


Fresh festive photo ideas to spice up your 2022 party season


It may be bit early, but we’re going to mention the C word.

Yep, it’s time to board the Polar-oid Express, since the good people at Event Industry News have put together a 5 point handy list for the perfect festive photo experience – Christmas isn’t Christmas unless there’s a few Santa ready selfies going about is it?



Photo and video experiences have become a stalwart of the most successful Xmas shindigs, and with the elves at Smiley Booth on hand with their trademark Christmas photobooth, they can ensure a totally picture-perfect holiday season. Top photobooth features include;

1. The Festive “Elfie” Experience

Maker merry with the the ultimate yuletide snapshot experience courtesy of their Xmas photobooth.

Kitted out with Christmas props, signs and accessories, festive backdrops or digital scenes, the booth is wonderland ready for any Crimbo-based occasion. The Festive Elfie Experience is also armed with instant prints and social sharing capabilities, so festive cheer can be captured and posted in no time.

And as a cheeky wee bonus for all you marketeers out there – everything is fully brand-able.

2. Snow-Mo 360

It’s time to immerse yourself in the North Pole experience. This photobooth offers 360 technology, with capabilities to capture the jolliest of video and boomerang content from every angle. What’s more, it’s all fully brand-able, sharable and an absolute all round merry memory maker.

See the full list here.


AR giganotosaurus roams Trafalgar Square in LED illusion


Alongside the release of this past Summer’s Jurassic World Dominion, Territory Studio recently designed and installed a huge Gigantosaurus in London’s Leicester square, allowing passers-by to experience up-close and personal the fearsome foe in all it’s might.



Using 3D modelling, LED screens and LiDAR, these colossal creatures also made their way to Paris and Rome, blending seamlessly into their environment through means of digital illusion and technology trickery.

Was it a success? Well, every location had queues forming round the block and even cast members showing up to face the big toothsome bad guy. Somebody call Jeff Goldblum – now it’s getting scary.


That’s the word on Event Street done and dusted for this week people – see you all next time for some more tasty goss!