Insight: Issue 112 | 16 Nov | Cameron | Event Management, Production & Design

Insight: Issue 112 | 16 Nov


Let’s get ready to rumble


The public have been voting… and they’ve decided that it was time for us to hit you up with some more top tier tales from the industry – there’s more shockers, zingers and downright humdingers than you can shake a kangaroos dangly bits at.



This week’s gasp worthy gossip includes; Give your support to event industry’s Christmas day; Business events: 2023 and beyond; Julie Driscoll appointed CEO of Olympia London; Your Association Can Create Positive, Lasting Change Through its Events; and LG Display unveils ‘first’ high-resolution stretchable display.



Give your support to event industry’s Christmas day


On 5 December, Mash Media are hosting their annual christmas shindig, One Day At Christmas. The London, Newcastle and Glasgow-based festive event serves as a party for elderly and vulnerable people who might not be able to enjoy a proper Christmas day celebration.



Laying on a traditional Christmas feast, accompanied by drinks, carol singing, bingo and numerous other Xmas themed games, it’s a great chance for the industry to give back to the community.

They’re on the lookout for volunteers – so harness that Christmas spirit, join the fun and make it a magical festive experience for those in the local community.

Laura Tythcott of participating Whitespace Xpo says;

“When we were asked to get involved in One Day at Christmas, we leapt at the chance.  As an industry, our ability to bring people together and produce amazing experiences, is unparalleled, so to turn our focus on supporting some of the more marginalised members of our communities is so important to us. Whether at ExCeL, NEC or SEC we hope to help bring some Christmas spirit to everyone who attends.”


Business events: 2023 and beyond


In a world of rising costs, Conference News breaks down the key trends facing the industry into 4:

(We’ll give you a quick rundown)

1. As the price of pretty much everything rises, venues and event operators across the UK are struggling to deal with the soaring costs of functioning as normal. With operating costs surging by almost a third on average, many in the industry be forced to up their operating costs and consider revisions of planned events and event calendars. Although there is help through initiatives like the Business Events Growth Fund, much “hinges on government support and investment in events as part of a growth agenda”.

2. With a predicted 83% rise in event spending in 2023, and an average cost-per-attendee increase of 32% on 2019’s figures, it looks like many organisers might have to have a change in strategy, with a budget focus on the delivery of fewer, larger events, rather than multiple smaller events.

3. As well as the rising costs of event operations, the industry will have the issue of delegate hesitancy to contend with. With a lot of the population ‘feeling the squeeze in their own pockets’, it could lead to a decrease in attendance.

4. In a bid to cutting overall costs, companies could look to employ a Hybrid approach to event delivery over the next year, reducing travel, transport and accommodation expenses. Sasha Frieze, founder of The Business Narrative says “Done right, they can provide significant returns, and increase the reach of brands,”.


Julie Driscoll appointed CEO of Olympia London


Congratulations Julie Driscoll – the newly appointed chief executive officer of Olympia London!



The Hyve managing director for retail, manufacturing and engineering will be stepping down as chair of the Association of Exhibition Organisers (AEO) in the UK and replacing current managing director Nigel Nathan starting December 5. With over 25 years of B2C and B2B experience, working with brands such as Spring and Autumn Fair, Pure London, Breakbulk and Cwieme, Driscoll looks to to “position the venue as a world class destination for the next 100 years.”

Driscool thanks the AEO team for her as chair:

“Being welcomed so warmly by the industry as the AEO’s second female chair was an absolute honour. I would like to thank Chris Skeith OBE, CEO of the AEO, the wider AEO team, the Exec and the board for their support and incredible hard work. The AEO is an important organisation supporting and nurturing the thriving exhibitions’ industry. It has been such a joy to be part of the AEO community and I look forward to seeing what I know will be their successful journey ahead.”


Your Association Can Create Positive, Lasting Change Through its Events


Changing the game. According to our friends over at HQ magazine, that’s how associations in the industry can deliver truly sustainable solutions.

Luckily, they’ve put together a 6 point list on ways associations can deliver a lasting, positive impact. Here it is in full:



train members on the principals of regeneration and data-based examples of a future without them. Try using: engaging workshops, pre- recorded webinars, and on-demand materials.

Unite members with common goals and values to address policymakers and the public and push for positive change. Gold star: align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Activate: Raise awareness with a dedicated plan to showcase relevant sustainability best practices to all members.

Develop, use, and share standards and certifications that raise the sustainability standard.

Measure and Report
Rate and communicate your efforts, goals, and journeys to ensure accountability and continual improvement. Demand that the suppliers and destinations you choose also measure, benchmark, and report.

Network like there’s no tomorrow
Associations that strategically champion and nurture professional partnerships can empower SMEs that lack the budget to develop sustainability by themselves. A great example of the collective power of networking arose between Conferli and GDS-Movement. Conferli’s enhanced search tool uses data from GDS-Index to match associations with destinations with a sustainability commitment.

Have a peek at the article for more info…


LG Display unveils ‘first’ high-resolution stretchable display

And finally, it’s time to sound that tech klaxon. Looking for a display that can be extended, folded and twisted without distortion or damage? LG have got you covered.



Behold the first ever 12” stretchable display, designed to be attached to curved surfaces, such as skin, clothing, furniture, cars or aircraft – which could could be a game changer for industries such as fashion and gaming. The flexible tech is said to be the first of it’s kind to reach 20% stretchability, a resolution of 100ppi and full-colour RGB, and it set to become fully commercialised soon. 

This new bit of kit is the result of an LG lead, 20 organisation strong, national R&D project looking into next-generation displays.


We’ll stick a fork in it for this week folks

join us next week for more tasty musings from the industry. Catch you then…