Insight: Issue 12 (16th September) | Cameron | Event Management, Production & Design

Insight: Issue 12 (16th September)


Question: have you downloaded the Protect Scotland contact tracing app yet?


Yes?…No?…No idea what we’re on about?…Well, you’ll find out exactly what to do and why it’s important in the first item on today’s insight.

We’ve also got: 10 COVID myths event profs need to ignore; another vital events industry survey; courses and resources to keep your event skills sharp; a virtual team-bonding experience that’s a bit, um, eggy; and news of a bedazzled designer face shield, because apparently there’s no hope for humanity anymore.


Uptake of NHS Scotland’s contact tracing app off to a good start


First up for today, NHS Scotland’s new contact tracing app—‘Protect Scotland’—went live last Thursday and was downloaded more than 600,000 times in the first day alone. It’s off to a good start, but the NHS needs as many people as possible to download the app to make it more effective.

For those who don’t know how it works—the app will alert you if you’ve been in close contact with another app user who tests positive for coronavirus. And if *you* test positive, you can anonymously warn any other app users you’ve been near to. Essentially, it helps to identify at-risk people and break the chain of infection.



With post-lockdown coronavirus cases on the rise, it’s really important that we all get on board and play our part in reducing the spread. If you haven’t done so already, you can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more info on how to get the app and how it works, visit


10 COVID myths event profs need to ignore


And while we’re stopping the spread, let’s bust some myths too.

With a terrifying amount of fake news about coronavirus circulating the web, Event Manager Blog has rounded up 10 COVID myths event profs need to ignore. Actively scrutinising COVID claims, just like EMB has done, will help you separate fact from fiction to ensure your event’s official messaging reflects the most accurate scientific info. We’d recommend reading the article in full, but we’re debunking the myths here for good measure.

  • Myth 1: masks & social distancing are either/or.
  • Myth 2: wearing a mask has dangerous consequences (for people who do not otherwise have breathing difficulties).
  • Myth 3: masks are a breeding ground for the virus.
  • Myth 4: people should be allowed to choose their own safety rules.
  • Myth 5: deep cleaning prevents transmission.
  • Myth 6: thermal screening catches all COVID-19 cases.
  • Myth 7: exposure is all or nothing / partial protection is pointless.
  • Myth 8: only elderly or immunocompromised people are at risk.
  • Myth 9: COVID-19 is seasonal.
  • Myth 10: people without symptoms can’t spread the virus.

Honestly, it even felt wrong typing those. FAKE FAKE FAKE.


‘Event of the Future’: another industry survey


When we sent out our ‘state of the nation’ survey back in July, we were so grateful to all the event profs who took the time to fill it in. It really is vital that we keep collaborating and supporting each other throughout this crisis.

With that in mind, Kindle Communications need our help; they’re carrying out their own ‘Event of the Future’ industry research to uncover what’s next in events and experiences. They’ll be publishing a summary of the findings in October, so be sure to provide your email address. To sweeten the deal, participating means you’ll also be in with a chance of winning a $300 gift card and a subscription to a health, wellness, or lifestyle service—so that’s a win-win right there. Head on over and fill in the survey.


How to keep your event skills sharp


For busy event planners, making time for professional development and skills-building was a challenge even before the pandemic. But with the very nature of events changing by the day now, the need to stay informed is even greater.

To help us out, the Event Leadership Institute made a list of some courses and resources to keep your skills sharp in 2020 and beyond. They’ve got these areas covered:

  • Event & meeting management.
  • Virtual event & meeting management.
  • Technical meeting & event production.
  • Virtual fundraising.
  • Event & meeting design during a pandemic.
  • And a free business owner mentorship scheme.

Browse the list and get enrolling here.


The virtual team-bonding activity you didn’t know you needed


A whopping 54% of remote workers feel disconnected from their company; a sad but unsurprising stat in this new WFH era. This disconnection prompted team culture company, Steamed Egg, to create ‘Yolking From Home’—a remote team-bonding experience that *is not* your average video call.



Themed as an 80s game show—with costumes, sound effects, theme music, and a healthy dose of cheese—this virtual extravaganza is a sure-fire way to wake up your team and get them laughing again. You can choose from 6 inventive challenges to create your own unique experience, with activities like wikipedia races, working together to create works of art, and guessing what the public thinks about really weird trends.

If you’re looking to reignite a sense of togetherness in your team with something a bit different, visit their website to watch the trailer, get a demo, and request a quote.


Louis Vuitton to launch designer face shield (no, really)


Lastly, just when you thought this year couldn’t get any stranger, luxury brand Louis Vuitton announces a designer face shield—which will retail at £750.

The so-called ‘LV Shield’ is covered in gold studs, trimmed with monogram print, and also doubles as a cap. It’ll be launched on 30 October…Don’t all rush to preorder at once, now.



Seriously, what is wrong with the world?