Insight: Issue 42 (28th April) | Cameron | Event Management, Production & Design

Insight: Issue 42 (28th April)


Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

The pubs are open across the land! Go forth and be merry dear Event Profs – y’all deserve it.


So with a cool pint in one hand and a warm pastie in the other, we welcome you to another week of fun and games that is our events news bulletin. In this week’s roundup:

The Brit Awards announce that they will go ahead with a *gasp* live audience *gasp again*; How to win arguments and gain new budgets for your online events; Why the Event Industry can no longer ignore climate change; How to build your perfect Hybrid Events team; How 2021 trends in tech will ensure virtual is here to stay for the foreseeable; A handy and useful booklet to download, illustrating the sustainable event buyer’s guide; And last but by no means least, Cameron (that’s us BTW) and leading ticketing and livestreaming platform Citizen Ticket have partnered up to provide clients across the country with tech support to deliver livestream events (Woop woop!)

Once more into the breach, dearest event prof friends…

The Brits are back – and this time with actual humans

Yes indeed, that flagship of quality music The Brit Awards have announced their annual ceremony will go ahead at the London O2 with a live audience next month. Around 4,000 will be in attendance and won’t need to wear masks or be socially distanced, but will require a negative Covid test to attend. Event Profs everywhere will have their fingers and toes crossed (and their ears shut) praying that all goes well with the event….It also means a live audience will get to witness seminal moments such as this:

Great times.


Arguments get you more event budget – fact

Yes indeed, it’s now been proven that with a few simple arguments, you can win new friends, influence people and gain more money for your next online event. Here’s how.


Why the Event Industry can no longer ignore climate change

With things in our beloved industry altered for evermore, we all have the opportunity and the responsibility to play a game-changing role in reducing carbon emissions (much like we illustrated in our Earth Day Linkedin post) and reject the profoundly unsustainable industry of the past. Indeed, this Event Manager blog post argues that to succeed, we must change what our industry stands for. And we’re inclined to agree.


Hybrid Team….assemble!

Got yourself a killer idea for a Hybrid Event and don’t know where to begin? Well, our friends at Bizzabo have just hit us all up with a step-by-step guide to building your Hybrid Events team. From tech and sound to speaking and moderation, this wee beauty helps to articulate the necessity for a harmonious connection between team members and how to focus on both the in-person experience and the virtual experience. Of course, once you’ve read this, (*shameless plug alert*) then you can always give us a shout at Cameron and we’ll do it all for you.


Virtually here to stay

Yes indeed, just like vigorous and frequent hand washing, or Joe Exotic, Virtual Events will continue to be a high priority in 2021 and onward. With full capacity live events still a while away away (especially internationally) virtual will continue to remain the hottest trend in the short term and beyond. Of course, we all look forward to the day we can enjoy a maskless embrace at an actual physical event, but with virtual here to stay we can continue to enjoy world-class events in the comfort of our homes or offices. And we’re all saving the planet in the process…..

A guide to sustainable event buying

Our lovely pals at Event Industry News have provided us with a handy guide to buying events sustainably, which also illustrates how initiatives are combating climate change with systems suitable for isolated and interactive environments. As Greta rightly points out, “The main solution is so simple that even a small child can understand it. We have to stop the emission of greenhouse gases.” So let’s get on board and make a difference Event Profs.


And finally….Cameron in partnership with Citizen Ticket

Cameron are delighted to announce a partnership with our Edinburgh buddies Citizen Ticket which will provide clients across the country with tech support to deliver online streaming services.

Oliver McLaren, Business Development Manager at Citizen Ticket believes, “The events sector has had to massively adapt during Covid, and livestreaming has gone a long way to enable corporate and consumer communities to come together during these times. This has not been without its challenges for event organisers, as they have had to navigate their way to find the right local partners to help them deliver these remote experiences.

“Our partnership with Cameron has brought two likeminded companies together that want to help clients deliver the best experience possible to the widest audience. We firmly believe that livestream events have a long-term role post Covid. So, while we’re excited to see events being delivered in venues once more, we think the hybrid offering will continue to generate greater audience reach, as well as providing customer choice and flexibility about how they experience an event.”

Our CEO and Event Overlord Chris Cameron Jnr, said, “The events industry has always been at its best when we share ideas and collaborate, and never has that been more pertinent than now. Like many other industries it’s been a hugely challenging year for the events industry but live streaming has been an undoubted success story. We firmly believe that live streaming and digital events are here to stay alongside face to face events.”

Needless to say, as a likeminded and forward thinking company, all at #TeamCameron are delighted to be going into partnership with Citizen Ticket to offer our clients the best possible experience and flexibility moving forward in the digital age.


Happy pubbing, event profs!