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Insight: Issue 46 (26th May)


Calling all Scots event profs under 30!



In case you missed it, the Scottish government is now inviting anyone aged 18-29 to register for the coronavirus vaccine. So get on it, folks! The sooner we get jagged, the sooner we can return to our event-ful lives. You can register here:

In other news: initial data from recent pilot events reveals they are ‘no riskier than shopping’; but if you’re still not convinced, you could attend via holographic tech instead (for real); we’re back on our soapbox again, talking about sustainable and marketable hybrid events; Deer Shed has shared the deets of it’s upcoming socially-distanced festival; and we’ve also got some tips for securing a weird and wonderful entertainment line-up for your next event.


Pilot data shows events ‘no riskier than shopping’


We like that headline, oh yes we do! According to initial findings from the Event Research Programme, events can be as safe as going to a restaurant or shopping centre – even without masks and social distancing. But pre-event screening, improved ventilation, and some other mitigating measures would still need to be in place to ensure the risk of virus transmission is “significantly reduced”.

These results make it more likely that some type of ‘COVID-status certification’ will be needed from 21 June, at least on a temporary basis. This would mean that anyone attending an event (or entering a nightclub) would need to present: (1) proof of vaccination, (2) proof of a recent negative test, or (3) proof of natural antibodies. The government is yet to make a final decision, but watch this space.


Still not convinced? Attend holographically!


If you’re still too wary to attend events in person, may we suggest you appear via hologram instead? Because for WeWork – a flexible workspace provider – that’s genuinely an option now.

The company has announced a partnership with ARHT Media that will integrate ARHT’s low-latency holographic meeting technology into WeWork’s global events offering. The hologram tech will be rolled out in 16 locations around the world in Q3 of 2021, with up to 100 WeWork buildings set to provide access in future. This tech can be booked via the WeWork website, and will give businesses a chance to reduce travel expenses while making more of an impact than with your standard Zoom call…


They really are taking ‘flexible working’ to a whole new level.


Hybrid = key to sustainable experience economy


Okay okay, if you’re not ready for in-person events AND the hologram thing creeps you out, there’s always hybrid. Because, in many ways, hybrid events offer the best of both live and virtual – *especially* when it comes to protecting the planet.

From international travel and luxury accommodation, to sprawling venues and endless energy consumption, to bulky signage and single-use plastic – events profs are waking up to all the ways in which we’re contributing to a giant carbon footprint for our industry, and generating significant greenhouse gas emissions. The last year has been a wake-up call, and we all know that hybrid is the future.

But if you need help convincing your clients, this article in The Drum offers plenty of reasons why hybrid events are the smart and sustainable option.


Hybrid = 2 strategies / 1 marketing powerhouse


And while we’re on our hybrid soapbox, we might as well keep going!

Even as the world opens up and some live events do return, there will inevitably be a vibrant digital overlay to the in-person experience – whether it’s given the hybrid label or not. The key to creating impactful hybrid events that resonate with physical *and* virtual attendees (while delivering ROI for hosts, sponsors and exhibitors, of course) is to understand the unique needs of both your in-person and virtual audiences, and then tailor their experiences accordingly.

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ll give you a clue – right here.


Deer Shed announces socially-distanced festival


Last month, Deer Shed Festival announced for the 2nd consecutive year that its full 15k-capacity event would not go ahead as planned – due to the lack of commercially available event cancellation insurance, or a government-backed insurance scheme. But there’s good news, too. The organiser has unveiled Base Camp Plus: a smaller, socially-distanced event that will take place on the original festival dates of 30 July – 1 August.

Deer Shed ran Base Camp in July 2020 (without the Plus) in accordance with the COVID restrictions that were in place at the time. This time around, the Plus refers to a full Main Stage, complete with live music and comedy shows. As with last year’s event, each 12m x 12m camping pitch will contain its own personal portaloo and washing facilities – which is a significant upgrade from your standard festival, so we’re sure festival-goers won’t be complaining!



18 entertainment ideas for your next event


And last for a day, a little bit of inspo for you all.

Events are supposed to be extraordinary. People attend events to forget their everyday lives and enjoy an experience they’ll remember for a long time to come. And the way to create that experience, is with a top-notch entertainment line-up. Event Planner has some weird and wonderful suggestions – and we’ll just leave this here…



Now, register for those vaccines!