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Launching the new BBC Scotland channel


Sunday 24 February saw the explosive, celeb-filled launch of BBC Scotland’s new channel.


The channel will offer hundreds of hours of Scottish drama and comedy, each reflecting (and probably parodying) Scottish life. You can also expect to see international, UK and Scottish news stories, all told from a Scottish perspective.

In other words, it’s very Scottish…and we’re very on board. We were beyond chuffed to play a part in their big launch night.


Cameron | BBC Scotland Channel Launch


Our talented team were brought in to make sure the projections and launch party ran smoothly, tying in with the values and the aesthetic of the new channel. All our lighting, from the outdoor set-up highlighting the iconic BBC Scotland dish, to the festoon lighting and uplighting at the entrance of the Glasgow Science Centre, reflected the channel’s colours.

Our crew were on hand to project the countdown clock for launch onto the side of the impressive BBC Scotland building. A unique challenge, but one we were happy to rise to. Plus, Team Cameron provided and ran the audio, lighting and furniture for the launch party in the atrium of the Science Centre – using Truss towers, hazing and strategic mood lighting to turn it into the perfect venue for the post-launch celebrations (which, we can confirm, went on late into the night!).

Launching something cool? You know where to find us.