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Massaoke: Just As Extra As It Sounds


Have you ever heard an entire venue full of people singing along to show-tunes, at the top of their lungs and with varying degrees of tunefulness? . . .


. . . Yeah, we hadn’t either. Mass karaoke is a thing, and it’s just as extra as it sounds.



‘A Massaoke Night At The Musicals’ offers musical fans the chance to sing along with the lively Massaoke band as they blast out all the musical greats from stage to screen: Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Frozen, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia! and lots more. There’s no karaoke spotlight, no all-eyes-on-you pressure—just a giant screen of lyrics and a chorus of would-be West Enders giving it their all.

We were on site at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange with all our AV and lighting gadgetry—and what did #TeamCameron make of it? Honestly, we loved it. We definitely saw a few crew members singing along to The Greatest Showman (naming no names—but we saw you, guys). Hugh Jackman would approve.



Loud, happy, and fun. Isn’t that what this whole events gig is all about?


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