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Cameron supports the Scottish Government’s policies that work towards a Greener Scotland – reducing the local and global environmental impact through tackling climate change, moving towards a zero-waste Scotland and increasing the use of renewable energy.

ISO 14001 accredited


We are 14001 accredited which we have held since 2017.
The key environmental impacts in our industry include:

• Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation of equipment
• Green procurement
• Packaging materials
• Disposal of obsolete equipment
• Wastage from events
• Office waste.

Carbon Management Plan


The CM Plan sets out our ambitions and a roadmap for progress. The actions outlined within our CM Plan form part of our efficiency plan to reduce consumption and provide value for money.

Our environmental management programme includes projects, objectives and targets for minimising our impact on the environment.

  • Achieve “Resource Efficient Scotland” bronze accreditation
  • Replace all office light fittings with LED lighting
  • Replace van fleet with electric vehicles within 3 years
  • Ban purchase of single use products

Reducing our Transportation Footprint


One of the key impacts of our business is the transportation footprint of our hire equipment to event sites. We recognise the carbon emission reduction targets of the Climate Change Act 2008 and the Scottish Government’s commitment to tackle climate change through their travel policy. This approach has helped shape our own approach to determining travel mode wherever possible. We look for not only the most time and cost-efficient transport option, but also aim to replace air travel with train or bus wherever viable.

We also encourage our staff to contribute through a cycle-to-work scheme. The Cycle to Work benefit is run through Cameron and offered to staff as a hire agreement. The chosen bike is paid for up front, and the amount deducted their salary over a 12-month period, saving on tax and NI on the cost.

All of our company vehicles are monitored closely and are serviced regularly. As they come to the end of their lease term, we are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions. For example, we are evaluating the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles when our fleet is due for renewal.

Green Procurement


We operate a green purchasing policy with respect to our hire and installation equipment stock, as well as other business consumables and supplies. We are committed to selecting equipment that is as energy efficient as possible. For example:

• We have invested in LED lighting, battery LED lighting and battery powered PA systems that have a significantly lower power consumption than more traditional technologies. The energy and cost savings that this brings is shown by the relative performance of a 5W LED spotlight with a 50 Watt Halogen bulb: The 5W LED spotlight uses 125 kWh of electricity over 40,000 hours (i.e. over its lifetime) which costs £28.74. In comparison the 50-Watt Halogen bulb uses 1,250 KWh and costs £205.50. These green technology choices have the added benefit of saving power costs on an event – we eliminate power costs on site as our battery units are re-charged at our warehouse.

• Our monitor screens are all upgraded to LED. These consume significantly less power than older video technology. For example, on average, the annual running cost for an LCD TV would be £14.89 while that figure is closer to £40.66 for an equivalent plasma unit.

• We continue to replace all older office light fittings with LED lighting

Reducing Packaging & Waste


To eliminate the need for packaging and waste when transporting our equipment to events, all equipment is flight cased. The cases are remodelled by our supplier Flight Case Warehouse as the equipment becomes redundant so they can be re-used to house new equipment. This not only cuts down environmental waste, but also gives our equipment the best protection available to ensure it arrives safely at your event. All packaging waste from new equipment purchases is recycled responsibly in line with our Duty of Care.

The Green story so far...


So far, we have put various measures in place to minimise the environmental impact of our events.

• Our events are meticulously organised and planned to ensure costs are minimised and impact maximised.
• 2 of 20 vehicles (14 cars and 6 vans) are currently electric
• All company cars will be electric by 2024
• All company vans will be electric or hybrid by 2024
• All transport plans consider the most efficient routes and journeys using the least number of vehicles and non-rush hour transportation times, where possible.
• Always using onsite equipment and local crew, where possible.
• Reduction of single-use items:
All batteries used to power battery operated equipment are rechargeable, not single use.
• Cables are tied with reusable, Velcro fasteners.
• No product packaging is single use, all products have bespoke transit cases, bespoke bags or are protected in trade standard reusable rags.
• All bulbs used are energy saving bulbs.
• 90% of all electrical equipment from lighting, sound desks, LED screens to projectors used on events are the most efficient in their respective fields.

We will work with you to identify and report on initiatives that contribute to reduce your direct environmental footprint and support your goals within your supply chain sustainability program.

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