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Specialists in Virtual & Hybrid Events

Cameron Live are here to help with your Virtual & Hybrid adventure. We’ll assign you a crack team, get your event set up, your presenter(s) ready to rock and we’ll broadcast to delegates all around the world.

If hybrid is your thing, we can combine both physical and virtual events, ensuring attendees are highly engaged and interacting with the event content in real time – the best of both worlds.


We live in an instant-on, access-anywhere, on-demand world...


And it’s time to make the most of it. How, you ask? Virtual and hybrid events, of course.

Virtual events are those streamed entirely online, while hybrid events are a combination of live-streaming and face-to-face interaction. This is the immediate future of the events industry.

And with 10+ years of experience in delivering flawless online events of all shapes and sizes, Cameron’s digital squad are well-equipped to get you there—taking your message beyond the traditional four walls and into the ether.

1. Connect


Broadcast on your website, stream on your social media channels, or make it exclusive with an invite-only private broadcast.

2. Engage


Captivate your audience by hosting keynote speakers remotely, sharing visual-led content, and facilitating real-time interaction.

3. Share


Host your event online so your audience can watch it back anytime, and enable sharing to send your message all over the world.

Broadcasting the benefits


Why host a virtual or hybrid event? Well, there’s no telling what this crazy world will throw our way…global recession, natural disasters, a pandemic, travel bans (we’re looking at you, COVID-19). But virtual/hybrid events are the key to making sure the show goes on. Regardless of circumstances, we can keep connecting you with your audience—wherever they are in the world.

  • Reach a wider audience—anyone, anywhere
  • Boost attendance & participation
  • Gather measurable results, instantly
  • Cut costs & travel time (your delegates will thank you)
  • Cut carbon emissions (Greta would approve)

Opening up the conversation


Live-streaming doesn’t have to be a one-way conversation. We can have multiple feeds side-by-side, facilitating panel discussions where each speaker can be broadcast from a different place. And your delegates can have a voice, too—even when they’re not in the room. They can join in with real-time polling and live Q&A via social media messaging and call-ins, appearing in the broadcast with the help of their trusty webcams.

Platforms for success


No need to worry about the infrastructure. We’ll liaise with your IT team (if going full virtual) or your chosen venue (if / when face-to-face events are permitted) to set up the live-stream. Our tech-savvy team can use whichever online video conferencing platform you’re comfortable with.

  • Your own website
  • Private webcast
  • Social media
  • Slido
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoToMeeting
  • And the list goes on… 

The virtual stage is set


When switching from live event to virtual, you won’t lose out on production value. Multiple options will be available, from a standard video call setup with customised ‘virtual backdrop’, to a fully immersive ‘Second Life’ style experience, where all your virtual attendees have their very own avatar. We can create a ‘virtual stage’, essentially a 3D render of your set design. Your host will stand in front of a green screen—but, to the viewers, it will seem like they’re in situ at the venue. (Is there anything you *can’t* do with a green screen?)


As for the rest of the visuals, we can also help out with completely-customised content creation—like intro vids, presentation slides, and anything else that takes your fancy—so all your bases are covered. That means we’ll preserve the essence of your event, transferring all the bells and whistles when you switch from on-site to online.

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